Managing Remote Employees With PI

Managing the individuals on your team can become a lot easier if you know their PI profile and what needs are associated with it. But when these team members are working remotely in part or even full time, it adds a layer of complexity to the task of giving them what they need to feel engaged and be productive. This guide from The Predictive Index gives you useful insights into managing different individuals in a remote environment, and provides you with practical advice on how to tailor your approach to a team member based on their motivational drives and needs. For any employee – remote or onsite – you can pull the report ‘Management Strategy Guide‘ from PI Software to get tips on how to interact with them and motivate them. For a deeper insight into using PI as a leadership tool, attend the PI workshop ‘Inspire People to Perform‘, which is tailored to people managers. 

Next-Level PI Workshops

Humanostics offers three advanced workshops for PI Practitioners who would like to gain next-level, practical knowledge about working with PI in different settings. The workshops are relevant to HR professionals and managers who are certified in PI and would like to get inspiration and hands-on knowledge about working with teams, hiring the right people, and developing their employees and managers. The courses are held virtually in English (3 x 2.5 hours) and face-to-face in Danish in Copenhagen, Denmark (1 day). Click the images below to read more and reserve your seat HERE

Artisan Reference Profile

The Craftsman reference profile has been renamed to Artisan in English, and the reference profile icon has been updated to be more inclusive. The average pattern and description of the Artisan reference profile is exactly the same as it was for the Craftsman. At this point, the name of this reference profile has only been changed in the English language. PI Software has been updated to reflect these changed, and all affected guides and materials are being updated as well. Learn more about reference profiles here

Prepare for The PI Cognitive Assessment

Did you know that you can prepare for the PI CA experience before taking the actual assessment? The PI CA sample questions give candidates the opportunity to get familiar with the content, structure, and format prior to taking the actual assessment. This gives all assessment takers a comparable baseline level of familiarity with the PI Cognitive Assessment, potentially eliminating some of the novelty effect. The sample questions can be completed in 65+ languages, just like the PI Cognitive Assessment, and a link to them is automatically included by default in e-mail invitations to complete the PI CA. You can access the sample questions at THIS LINK and take four minutes to complete. No registration is required, and the results of the sample questions will not be shared.


The PI Behavioral Assessment and the PI Cognitive Assessment can be taken in 65+ different languages, and regardless of the language the invitation is sent in, the assessment taker can always choose freely between the languages available. It is crucial for the validity of the assessments that the assessment taker choose their native language if it is available. If it is not one of the available languages, they should chose the one they are most familiar with. 

We advise you to inform your candidates and employees that the PI assessments are not designed to test their proficiency in other languages, and that they should not choose another language in an attempt to show you how well they know it. Even if they are very good at that language, they will – all things being equal – get a more accurate assessment result by completing the assessments in their native language. 


The Predictive Index solutions have helped thousands of companies around the world, and Humanostics has been the trusted advisor and PI Certified Partner for several hundreds of them over the years. A number of our valued clients have recently shared their experiences with the PI assessments with us in a series of client testimonials, and we will be sharing these on our website and on our LinkedIn page within the near future. Stay tuned to hear from a number of different companies how they use PI and why they are so happy with the tools!


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