CLIENT NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2022: Talent optimization report | access to PI Cognitive Assessment | Develop your managers with PI | Live Softwre Demos for clients | What is third-party access

New PI Report: The State of Talent Optimization 2022

Find out how to future-proof your organisation against The Great Resignation. 300+ executives reveal the cost of the “Big Quit” and top drivers of employee retention in the latest report from The Predictive Index. One of their findings is that companies that have the right people in the right jobs experience 42% lower turnover.  Read the full report HERE

Use People Data to Develop Your Managers


In many organisations, managers and employees lack the necessary people data insights to develop self-awareness and awareness of the behavioural drives and needs of others. You can use the PI INSPIRE tools to develop your managers, empower teams, and develop your employees, helping everyone work together at their best. Check out this short video for tips on how to engage leaders at every level.

PI Software Live Demo Webinars

Are you new to PI Software, or would you simply like to get to know all the useful features and reports for use in recruitments, development, and teams and working relationships? As a PI client, you are welcome to join our software demo webinars free of charge – we host them regularly in English and Danish. See the schedule and sign up HERE.

What is Third-Party Access?

As your PI Certified Partner, Humanostics is always there to support you in the use of  PI so you can get the most value out of the tools. If you are in need of support regarding specific data in your software account, you will need to grant us so-called third-party access in order for us to be able to access the data in your account. This is done in the Administration module in PI Software under User Management. Granting your Humanostics consultant third-party access is of course optional but is completely GDPR compliant as we are a data sub-processor (described in your agreement with The Predictive Index). 


The PI Cognitive Assessment measures general learning ability and is a powerful predictor of job performance, and as such it is an important data point in any hiring process.  If you are a PI Software user and are unable to see cognitive data in your account, check if you have the option to ‘View cognitive data’ when clicking on your name in the top right corner of the software. Cognitive data may be hidden from view when you log in. If you do not have the option to unhide cognitive data in the software, please contact your administrator to request access. Software admins need to actively grant access to the PI CA when creating new users in the software by ticking the box below the form in User Management. 


The Predictive Index assessments are complex psychometric tools that are based on extensive scientific research. Although they may appear simple and easy to interpret with the help of the different reports available in PI Software, the certification is required to fully understand the tools and to be able to give nuanced interpretations of the assessment results. Find Predictive Index Seminar dates and sign up HERE, or contact us at to hear about the different training options. 


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