New PI Practitioner Next-Level Workshops

Humanostics is excited to introduce three new advanced workshops for PI Practitioners who would like to gain next-level knowledge about working with PI in different settings. The workshops are relevant to HR professionals and managers who are certified in PI and would like to get inspiration and hands-on knowledge about working with teams, hiring the right people, and developing their employees and managers.

DESIGN TEAMS: Turn any team into a high-performing and inclusive team!

If you are looking for the tools to work actively with Team Discovery, and you seek inspiration for how to optimally run a PI-based team session, this is the workshop for you! You will get inspiration for how to build high-performing teams, practice in the role of facilitator and team coach, tools for managing conflict, and ideas for how to put together teams, You will also gain knowledge about the roles on a team, power hierarchies, internal competition, and informal leadership, and you’ll get a Team Discovery team session kit along with an overview of the PI INSPIRE reports that support working with teams and collaboration. READ MORE HERE.

HIRE – Advanced: Help leaders across the organisation hire for success!

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If you are looking to enhance your skills within systematic recruitment, structuring the hiring phases and interview questions, and mastering different interview techniques, this is the workshop for you! You will get inspiration for structuring your recruitment process and the minimum requirements, ideas for how to ensure quality as well as speed in the recruitment process, and an understanding of the flow of the hiring interview. You will also gain insights on how to uncover potential challenges between the candidate and the job / company, get an understanding of the balance between talking, asking and listening, and knowledge and training in interview techniques and different types of questions, along with an overview of the PI HIRE reports that support the recruitment process. READ MORE HERE.

INSPIRE – Advanced: Improve employee performance and retention!

If you are looking to get maximum value from the PI tools in your day-to-day work with developing employees or managers, both in ad-hoc situations and in building a systematic approach to development, this is the workshop for you! You will get an understanding of business- and customer-oriented development, inspiration for how to make an overall strategic perspective go hand in hand with the personal motivation of individuals. You will get an understanding of how to have a systematic approach to development, ideas for how to identify and seize ad-hoc development opportunities, and insights into dialogue and questioning techniques for development purposes, along with an overview of the PI INSPIRE reports that support internal development. READ MORE.

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The advanced level courses are conducted face-to-face (one full day) and virtually (3 x 2.5 hours) and are currently offered in Danish and English. Find course dates and sign up HERE.


Not certified in PI yet? Attend the Predictive Index Seminar and learn to identify how your organisation can utilise talent data insights to understand what drives your employees. You will be empowered to apply PI’s data-driven hiring approach to build high-performing teams and a positive culture, and learn to use tools and insights to maximise the productivity of employees, managers, working relationships, and teams.

The certification seminar is offered both face-to-face (two full days) and virtually (6 x 2.5 hours) in English, Danish, Dutch, Polish and German. By the end of 2021, Humanostics will have conducted over 50 seminars and certified close to 450 PI Practitioners from all over the world in just one year! Find seminar dates and sign up HERE


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