The New Hybrid World of Work

As employees are returning to the workplace, many companies are faced with a challenge: how to cater to those in the office and to those who work remotely. Hybrid isn’t just a passing phase—the future of work is multi-modal, and your company’s success hinges on your ability to assemble and manage high-performing hybrid teams. Download the Remote Work Guide for insights into the needs of different behavioral profiles and get tips on how to interact with them to promote collaboration and maximise productivity in a remote environment. Or check out these free online courses on the PI LEARN portal: Introduction to Hybrid Work and Managing Remote Employees with PI.

Promoting Inclusion and Objectivity with PI

Diversity and inclusion continue to be important focus areas in many companies. PI tools can help you promote inclusion by objectively matching the right person to the right job (regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation) and inspiring a diverse range of perspectives:

PI HIRE: Recruiting New Employees

PI INSPIRE: Motivating Your Existing Workforce

  • Make your hiring process more objective by applying the PI tools at an early stage.
  • Reduce barriers by making job descriptions more inclusive. Focus on behavioural and cognitive match over education and experience requirements. Use the PI Job Assessment to set an objective job target and match candidates using the PI Behavioral Assessment and the PI Cognitive Assessment.
  • Promote diverse perspectives by getting feedback from multiple stakeholders on the Job Target using the PI Job Assessment .
  • Create diverse teams to improve engagement and performance.
  • Encourage empathy by using tools such as Team Discovery, Analytics, the 1:1 Relationship Guide, and the Management Strategy Guide to create awareness and improve internal communication, understanding and collaboration.
  • Promote personal growth: Commit to inclusive career pathing, using tools like the Coaching Guide to promote minority voices.

Prepare for The PI Cognitive Assessment

Did you know that you can prepare for the PI CA experience before taking the actual assessment? The PI CA sample questions give candidates the opportunity to get familiar with the content, structure, and format prior to taking the actual assessment. This gives all assessment takers a comparable baseline level of familiarity with the PI Cognitive Assessment, potentially eliminating some of the novelty effect. The sample questions can be completed in 65+ languages, just like the PI Cognitive Assessment, and a link to them is automatically included by default in e-mail invitations to complete the PI CA. You can access the sample questions at THIS LINK and take four minutes to complete. No registration is required, and the results of the sample questions will not be shared.


In June 2021, The Predictive Index surveyed 1,906 employees from more than 15 different industries. The goal was to understand what exactly contributes to this 'Great Resignation’, and see whether managers impact employees’ decision to stay or leave.  Read the 2021 People Management Report HERE to learn which return-to-office strategies are faring better for retention and engagement.  


Did you know that you can log into PI Software in 21 different languages? Choose the software  language from the login screen by clicking the button at the bottom left corner. The login language will be reflected in the menus, descriptions and in the Team Discovery tool, and you can still download reports in any of the 21 different languages.


Are you looking to become a master of the PI tools? Sign up for the Predictive Index Seminar where you will learn to use the PI assessment tools for hiring, development, teams, and more. We conduct seminars in different languages and both as classroom training and virtually.


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