Humanostics Newsletter December 2019

Dear Humanostics client, 

As the year 2019 draws to a close, we are excited to announce the release of two new world class PI solutions in early 2020: The PI Strategy Assessment™ and The PI Employee Experience Survey™. In this newsletter, you will get a short introduction to these new solutions and a taste of how they can help your organisation align your business strategy with your people strategy for optimal results.

Talent Optimization

Talent Optimization is a four-part discipline you can use to align your business strategy with your people strategy for optimal business results. PI provides you with invaluable people data and tools that can help you understand how people fit into a broader business strategy and optimise the output and productivity of people.

The HIRE aptitude is all about building a high-performing workforce using scientifically validated data from the PI Behavioral Assessment™, The PI Cognitive Assessment™ and the PI Job Assessment™. With the INSPIRE aptitude you give your people the data insights from these assessments, along with reports and tools to manage themselves, their teams and their other working relationships to boost employee engagement and productivity.

Introducing PI Design and The PI Strategy Assessment™

With the new Design aptitude, you will get a powerful framework for gaining business strategy alignment—and building a talent strategy to match. Use the new PI Strategy Assessment™ to get the executive team on the same page about which strategic priorities to pursue, and use the Align Strategy and Leadership Team Chart to make them aware of fits and gaps between their behavioural profiles and the business strategy, so they can effectively lead the transformation that needs to happen. At the brand-new the Execute Strategy With Confidence Workshop, the leadership team will build strategic alignment, revise their business strategy, understand the team dynamics, and identify the best talent strategies to reach their goals, all with the help of one of Humanostics’ PI Expert consultants.

Introducing PI Diagnose and The PI Employee Experience Survey™

With the new Diagnose aptitude, you will get the tools to uncover the root of your business problems by measuring and analysing your people data. The PI Diagnose solution is a powerful framework for solving engagement problems and maintaining employee engagement. Use the PI Employee Experience Survey to measure employee engagement by giving employees a chance to provide candid, confidential feedback. You will get personalised action plans giving you tangible directions for boosting engagement both at macro level (company-wide) and micro level (teams). This isolates problems that aren’t widespread – but should be fixed. Team-level reporting also isolates high-performing teams. When you understand what’s working well you can use that insight to develop your other managers.

Humanostics 10 year anniversary

In 2019, Humanostics celebrate our 10 year anniversary! The Humanostics Team and all our Associate Partners would like to thank you for your continued support and partnership, and we look forward to many more years to come!

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Attending the intensive two-day workshop Becoming a PI Practitioner will empower your HR Professionals to drive change and build a better workforce. Participants will become experts in applying PI’s methodology throughout your organisation to drive better teamwork, hires, engagement, and productivity.

We host open-enrolment workshops in many countries, and we can arrange in-house training in almost any country in the world upon request


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Contact us at if you would like to enrol in a workshop or arrange an in-house training session.


To get the best experience when you use PI Software, always choose Google Chrome as your internet browser. Other browsers – especially Internet Explorer – sometimes cause various random errors to occur in PI Software.

We also recommend that all assessment takers use Google Chrome when taking the PI Assessments to avoid errors.

To ensure that your IT security settings do not impair your user experience in PI Software, we also recommend sharing these technical recommendations with your IT Department. 

Happy Holidays!

Last but not least, the Humanostics Team and all our Associate Partners would like to wish you and your loved ones  a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

We look forward to working with you in 2020, and we thank you for your continued support and partnership.

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