We’ve all experienced the thrill of being part of an amazing team, if only for a fleeting moment. Trust, collaboration, and that unstoppable feeling – it’s magic. So, how do you design a winning team? Is it more about raw talent or chemistry? How do you scale that design across the organization so productivity soars and your culture thrives?

Humanostics is a talent optimisation consulting firm. For 10 years, we’ve been helping businesses determine if their leadership, teams, and culture are well suited and aligned to their business strategy.

We then leverage the best talent optimisation tools to help these organizations hire the right people, manage and inspire them to achieve maximum business results as fast as possible. Humanostics is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, the world’s leading talent optimisation platform.s


Talent Optimisation is a four-part discipline that details what’s needed to align business strategy with talent strategy for optimal business results

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To ace Talent Optimisation, you must master these four aptitudes:

  1. Diagnose: You’ll measure your people data, analyze that data, and prescribe remedies as needed.
  2. Design: You’ll create and evolve your people strategy.
  3. Hire: You’ll use people data insights to hire top talent and build high-performing teams.
  4. Inspire: You’ll use people data to drive important employee-oriented activities.
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Take the pulse of your organization by collecting and measuring critical people data, analyzing that data in the context of your business, and prescribing solutions.

The Diagnose aptitude is made up of three activities:

  • Measure what matters. Most businesses track and measure key performance indicators for sales, customer satisfaction, and the like. Here you’ll take a similar approach in measuring important people data such as behavioral styles, culture, employee engagement, and job performance.
  • Analyze the evidence. With your people data in hand, it’s time to analyze the evidence within your business context. This will provide insights into issues that may not be obvious on the surface so you can quickly and effectively take action.
  • Prescribe improvement actions. This is where you’ll create a plan of action to correct the issues you discovered when analyzing your people data. The goal is to make important changes that will help the organization achieve its desired business results. 


Create a people strategy that’s in alignment with your business strategy. Keep in mind that your people strategy will continually evolve as the needs of your organization

The Design aptitude is made up of four activities:

  • Select your organization’s structure. Your organizational structure should be intentional, strategic, and aligned with the business results you’re looking to achieve. 
  • Evaluate your leadership team fit. Here you’ll assess the leadership abilities required to execute on your business strategy and identify any gaps within your existing senior leadership team. 
  • Understand senior team dynamics. A cohesive senior leadership team is a critical component of talent optimisation. Developing awareness of personal and collective strengths—as well as similarities and differences—will encourage productivity.
  • Establish your culture. Culture needs to be deliberately and intentionally constructed in alignment with the business strategy. It plays a crucial role in employee engagement and performance.
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Leverage the insights gained from collecting people data to hire top talent and build cohesive teams.

The Hire aptitude is made up of four activities:

  • Define and communicate job requirements. Job requirements go beyond the practical to include behavioral drives and cognitive ability needed to succeed in the role. Putting in the extra time and effort up front will allow you to hire candidates who are likely to be a great fit.
  • Equip your leaders to land top talent. Hiring can’t be left to chance or gut feel. Training and equipping your hiring managers to use people data in the hiring process will allow them to make smart and objective hiring decisions.
  • Predict new team dynamics. Healthy team dynamics are critical to accomplishing strategic goals. Using people data to evaluate team fit prior to making the hire increases chances of success.
  • Determine candidate cultural fit. Creating and maintaining company culture is a key component of talent optimisation. When evaluating job candidates, consider their impact on and alignment with your organizational culture.
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Take the data gained from the Diagnose aptitude to drive important employee engagement initiatives. This includes career pathing, building and maintaining a healthy company culture, and managing people and teams.

The Inspire aptitude is made up of three activities:

  • Create new jobs and career paths. Over time, you’ll need to create new jobs, new career paths, and modify job roles to stay aligned with your business strategy. Anticipating these needs allows you to hire the right talent and keep current talent growing and engaged.
  • Develop your leaders. Leadership competencies are one of the top drivers of employee engagement. By identifying and evaluating leadership abilities, and giving performance feedback within business context, you set the stage for engagement and performance.
  • Create high-performing teams. All teams should aim to become high-performing so the organization can achieve its goals. Senior leadership must set the tone for the rest of the organization when it comes to decision-making, collaboration, and taking action.
  • Reinforce your culture. Culture can’t be left to chance. An unmonitored and unmanaged culture will quickly become toxic, zapping engagement and productivity.


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