Optimise your Working Relationships with PI

At times, there can be friction between people in the workplace, and in many cases that friction is due to behavioural styles. The Relationship Guide provides valuable insight into how two individuals can get the most out of their interactions in the workplace. You can generate the report for any two people in PI Software and discover the interplay between their behavioural drives. It is easy to see how two people’s strengths combine and where there might be friction between them. The Relationship Guide is a quick and easy way to help two colleagues optimise their working relationship. The report provides relationship strengths, things to be cautious of, as well as a few tips to help those employees better understand how they can effectively work with one another by adjusting their behaviour and communication style. 

Predictive Index Relationship Guide

The 17 Reference Profiles

Are you a Collaborator, a friendly, understanding, willing and patient team player? Or maybe a Venturer, a self-starting, self-motivating, and goal-oriented risk-taker? The 17 Reference Profiles provide a general idea of a person without having to know the specific amount of dominance, extraversion, patience, or formality they 

have. While unique behavioural patterns should always be reviewed in depth when applying PI and making decisions, the 17 Reference Profiles provide a shortcut for understanding behaviours and needs that drive your people. They can be used to create a common language around motivational drives, needs, and behaviours. PI Software will automatically assign one of the 17 Reference Profiles to each person. Watch THIS VIDEO to learn more about reference profiles, and download the guide to the 17 Reference Profiles from THIS PAGE. Or complete a 15-minute online course about a specific Reference Profile at THIS LINK to learn how they are at work, in a team, and how they lead others.

Onboarding New Hires with PI

A well-planned onboarding process is key to ensuring that your new hire gets off to a great start and stays motivated. Onboarding includes many different aspects, but have you considered that different PI profiles would perhaps like to be onboarded in different ways? Their assessment results can tell you things like how much information they are likely to be able to process, how much instruction or support they need, and also how they prefer to learn. For example, an extraverted person is likely to prefer to learn from others rather than having to read things on his or her own, while others might feel overwhelmed if they meet too many people at the same time. If you understand the person and what drives them, there is a much better chance that they will feel engaged from day one and get off to a great start. 

Deleting Data in PI Software

Data privacy laws like the GDPR require you to delete personal data about candidates you do not hire and former employees. The data stored in PI Software – while not characterised as sensitive data – should also be deleted once your company no longer has a valid reason to keep the data. Software administrators can set up PI Software to automatically delete data that meets certain criteria – read more in our GDPR guides which can be downloaded HERE. Software users should talk to their administrators / super users to find out how the software is set up to ensure that they do not accidentally lose data that they wanted to keep. 


Did you know that PI Software is available in 21 different languages? You can change the software interface language by clicking on your name in the top right corner and choosing My Profile. Your choice will affect the language of the software menus, the person page descriptions, Team Discovery etc., but you will still be able to download reports in any of the 21 report languages, regardless of your software language. Software admins can set the default software language for each user in the Administration module. 


Looking to get certified in PI? Check out our workshop calendar to find upcoming Predictive Index Seminar dates. Humanostics offers classroom training in a number of countries and languages, as well as virtual training in English. You can sign up by sending an email to


As the year 2023 draws to a close, the entire team at Humanostics would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you in 2024!


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