Humanostics samarbejder med disse fantastiske virksomheder, hvis løsninger er en naturlig pasform for mange af de virksomheder, der bruger The Predictive Index-løsningerne. Læs mere om, hvad de har at tilbyde nedenfor.


Talenthub makes recruitment better. Remove gut-feelings, collects data and insights on your recruitment process, on feedback directly from your candidates. Collect feedback from all stages of the recruitment process and get insights, metrics and answers in one dashboard. The Talenthub platform allows you to benchmark your scores in Industry and globally, and provides you with a best in class survey builder, based on best practices within recruitment. You also get a personal Candidate Experience Specialist.

Recorded webinar: Assessment in a candidate-centric world
On November 24th 2022, Jesper Præstensgaard (Managing Partner in Humanostics) and Daniel Birkholm (Founder & CEO of Talenthub) discussed how the conditions of today’s recruitment processes have changed, how effective assessment frameworks elicit positive Candidate Experience and how you can benefit from collecting first-hand feedback from your candidates to improve their overall Candidate Experience, turning them into ambassadors.

Read more on Talenthub’s website or request a demo here.


MagicTools™ by Believable Magic helps you manage your Predictive Index data.  Connecting directly to PI via its open web API, an administrator can carry out work that otherwise would be difficult or impossible: clean up duplicate and expired data, export PI data for use elsewhere, and synchronize changes to PI people data from an input file. MagicTools™ connects directly to your existing PI data (via the API) to carry out data quality and export “magic” that would either take you a very long time to perform manually or can’t be done any other way. With this tool in the hands of a PI administrator or data manager, new goals are now within reach!

Read more about MagicTools™ on Believable Magic’s website or contact them here.


The Leadership Transition Programs are road tested programs with a long track record in terms of proven learning impact. These programs address all the key transitions for leaders and are easily customised. The Leadership Pipeline Insititute design programs built on their track record and combine it with your organisation’s specific needs.  Everything in the programs is based on the participant’s own day-to-day challenges, and in addition we will include the participant’s direct manager in the learning process. Instead of the participants bringing the training back to the job, the participants bring their job into the training.

Read more on the Leadership Transition Programs here and contact Humanostics to learn more here.

The Leadership Performance Index survey (LPIndex survey) is an online multi-source/360-degree feedback system that brings together views from a leader’s direct manager, peers, direct reports, and other relevant stakeholders. It is uniquely designed on the basis of the Leadership Pipeline concept and it enables the organization to assess leaders on the actual job that needs to be done rather than abstract theoretical leadership competencies. Unlike many similar tools, the LPIndex differentiates between leadership levels and how each leadership level uniquely adds value. 

Read more on the Leadership Performance Index here and contact Humanostics to learn more here.

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