Do People Change?

Almost everyone matures and develops with age and experience, so the questions are: what changes and what does not? The PI Behavioral Assessment measures motivational drives that are statistically stable over time. This means that an individual’s PI profile (the Self pattern) tends to stay more or less the same throughout their adult life. What does often change over time is a person’s ability to adapt their behaviour to different situations. This ability develops with age and experience and – perhaps most importantly – self-awareness. With each behavioural pattern comes a set of natural behaviours which can be described as the 'unfiltered’ version of the personality. Or in other words: the behaviours the person will likely display when they are stressed, tired, or hungry. All behavioural profiles have some natural strenghts but also some potential caution areas. One person’s behaviour may be perceived as odd, annoying or incomprehensible by someone with a different profile, regardless of what the intention was. Knowing how your natural behaviour may affect other people or impact your relationship or your goals may lead you to try to tone something up or tone something down in certain situations. So in short, the motivational drives and needs as shown in the Self pattern of the PI profile tend to stay the same over time while displayed behaviour often changes with the environment. As a side note: Because the PI Behavioral Assessment measures stable personality traits, we only recommend administering the assessment once per person. If you would like to learn more about multiple administrations of PI profile, check out this document

Why Use The PI Job Assessment?

How do you know if a candidate is a good fit with the behavioural and cognitive requirements of the role they are applying for? The answer should be obvious: You have to know what behaviors and cognitive ability the role requires! The PI Job Assessment helps you to objectively define the requirements, and it only takes 10-15 minutes to complete the survey. If you have multiple stakeholders, the PI JA allows you to 

collect input that is both consistent and easily comparable, so you can address any misalignments on the job requirements using a data-driven approach. In addition, filling in the PI JA focuses on the actual job requirements which reduces biases and increases the objectivity of your talent acquisition process. Once your stakeholders are aligned, you can compare candidates’ assessment results to the job requirements and conduct fit-gap analyses in an objective and concrete manner. And when you have decided which applicants to interview, you can create a customised interview guide with questions on the specific candidate’s match with the job target. When used together, the PI Job Assessment, PI Behavioral Assessment, and PI Cognitive Assessment provide a scientifically valid and legally defensible methodology for you to accurately predict workplace behavior and make the best hiring decisions. Hiring a great fit also greatly increases the likelihood of better performance and higher job satisfaction. Misalignment between someone’s natural tendencies and their key job responsibilities leads to disengagement, while a natural fit is likely to stay longer and be more engaged.

The PI Support Portal

How do you create an Open Invitation link in PI Software? How do you prepare to give a readback on a PI profile? How do you use the Team Discovery tool? What science material is available? Get help on all things PI in the PI Support Portal where you can find useful articles, guides, videos, templates, and more. You are of course also welcome to contact us at Humanostics for assistance – we are always happy to help and advise our valued clients. 


Did you recently attend the Predictive Index Seminar and would like to build on your learning? Or were you certified a while back and would you like to refresh your PI knowledge? Humanostics offers a series of free webinars for individuals who are certified in PI. The webinars cover different aspects of working with the PI solutions: Setting job targets with stakeholder input, facilitating team sessions, how to apply the PI Cognitive Assessment, getting managers onboard, giving feedback on the PI assessments. If you have not worked with PI for a while, we suggest that you attend our two-hour refresher webinar which you can also attend free of charge as a certified PI Practitioner 

Click on the Webinar Calendar below to see upcoming webianars and sign up by sending an email to for more information. Please note that these webinars will not be recorded, and that only certified individuals will be admitted. 



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