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The Predictive Index Motivational Drives, needs and behaviours
The Predictive Index Motivational Drives, needs and behaviours

Without the use of a personality assessment you risk only being able to see the observable behaviour without understanding what drives the behaviour and the underlying needs. 

PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a science-based framework that maps personality in four motivational drives. The drives and their relation to each other constitute a person’s behavioural pattern and ultimately help you understand the underlying needs and the associated behaviour. 

The PI Behavioral Assessment offers actionable insight into needs, behaviours, motivations and development areas. There are no wrong personality profiles; it is about whether the person profile matches what is needed in that position. Therefore, we do not call the PI BA a ‘personality test’ as the word ‘test’ indicates that it is something that you can pass or fail. Instead, we refer to the PI BA as a personality assessment, personal profile or behavioural analysis that provides insight into needs, behaviours and development opportunities in a workplace context.

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PI Behavioral Assessment is a personality profile or behavioural analysis tool that is both simple and quick to learn – and easy to apply, yet scientifically constructed and validated. PI BA is available in more than 65 languages, ensuring that external candidates and employees even in large multinationals can complete the assessment in their mother tongue.

With more than 25 million people assessed since the launch in the 1950’s, a validity vault of 350+ studies, and EEOC adherence, PI BA adds scientifically validated objectivity to your subjective judgement.


PI Behavioral Assessment is more than a recruitment tool to help you identify candidates who will be motivated and thrive in a given role. PI BA is applicate throughout the entire employee lifecycle. PI BA will help you in a range of areas including but not limited to:


View the brochure for further elaboration on how to apply PI BA


PI BA works throughout the employee lifecycle


PI BA is used on candidates to provide insight allowing you to predict needs and behaviour putting you in a better position to match a person to a position. Knowing ‘What comes naturally’ to a person helps you select candidates who will be motivated by the tasks and opportunities present in the position, which increases the probability of success if you hire them. Establishing the ideal person-position match is supported by the use of PI Job Assessment™ and will help you to enhance productivity and engagement.


You can generate individual reports that will be useful for you and the employee in the onboarding process. People have different preferences for the type of work that invigorates them and also how they approach new tasks/situations.  Beacuse the PI BA is a personality profile, it informs you about your employee’s needs and drives ,guiding you to the right approach to onboarding a particular person. Insight about what is required in the job (PI Job Assessment) tells you what to pay particular attention to and support during the onboarding process.


PI BA is used on existing employees to provide actionable insight into needs and behaviours.

PI BA helps you understand if the needs of your employees are being met, how to coach them to efficiency, how to inspire and develop them and ultimately increase engagement.

A number of reports are available to support the use of PI BA on existing employees.


PI BA helps you establish and engage high performing teams

As a personality assessment or personality profile, PI BA offers actionable insight into needs, behaviours, motivations, strengths and development areas. This source of unbiased insight improves empathy, communication, collaboration and leads to productivity and effectiveness on your teams.

Our take on high performing teams and how PI BA can help aspire to that is:

  • A high performing team has sufficient behavioural diversity to be agile and avoid group think
  • Diversity has to be managed to avoid dysfunctional team dynamics
  • Optimal team dynamics requires understanding and acceptance of behavioural diversity that is driven by underlying motivational drives

PI BA can be used to create awareness and acceptance around behavioural diversity:

  • When establishing teams
  • When selecting new team members
  • When optimising existing teams


PI BA helps your managers get insight

Keeping employees motivated and engaged requires more than ideal person-position matches.  PI BA helps your managers understand which needs to fulfil, how people complement each other, and how to coach and utilise the potential of their people effectively.

Based on PI BA a number of reports to support the management of employees exist, but perhaps even more important PI BA will help you manage and develop your managers as well.

Amongst the portfolio of reports are Manager Development Chart and Management Strategy Guide, Coaching Guides, all designed to increase self-awareness in your managers and to support them in their management of people. We offer management training to help kick start the establishment of a common language in your organisation around personality profiles, drives, needs and behaviour.



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