With the PI DESIGN solution, you can inspire any teams to reach their goals. Use the Team Discovery tool to make them feel the excitement of working on a team where everyone trusts each other and get the job done. 


Every leader and team member has natural strengths that lend themselves to a certain leadership or work style. Use a common language to build individual awareness and explore complementary strengths. Based on individual behavioural profiles created using the PI Behavioral Assessment, team members and the leader of the team are plotted into four quadrants, each with similar workplace behaviours. 

Explore the four quadrants of the Team Discovery Work Styles framework and discover how to leverage your work style to drive results. The common language of work styles helps to increase awareness of your individual and your teammate’s behavioral styles. 


Now that you have an overview of the individual work styles of the leader and members of the team, you need to look at the team as a whole. The Team Types of Team Discovery provide a simple way to understand the team’s collective behavioural makeup. The larger the team, the more complex it can be to interpret what the team members’ behavioural profiles and work styles mean for the team as a whole. 

By analysing the aggregate Behavioral Assessment results of a team, Team Discovery will summarise the overall behavioral styles and emphasis of a team and assign a Team Type based on the dominant behaviours across the makeup of the team. You will learn the strengths and potential blind spots of your specific Team Type, and you will get actionable recommendations on how to leverage your team’s strengths and work with your blind spots. 


Being aware of your team’s behavioural work styles and combined behavioural makeup will help you work together more effectively. But what are you working towards? Are you aligned on what strategic objectives your team should focus on? Setting clear objectives helps your team members focus their efforts and ensures that everyone on the team is rowing in the same direction. 

In the Strategic Action section of Team Discovery, you select the top 3-5 strategic priorities for the team from 20 pre-defined objectives available in software. The priorities can be set by the leader of the team or by the team collectively, but in any case it is important to have a discussion around why these specific objectives should be the focus for the team in the near future, so your team is aligned on what success looks like. 


Understanding your team in the context of the work to be done helps you identify risks and gaps when it comes to executing your team’s strategy. The strategic objectives you selected in Team Discovery each belongs in one of the same four quadrants that make up the Work Styles framework, and the software will translate them into one of 11 Strategy Types.

You will get insights into the natural strengths and potential blind spots of pursuing that specific Strategy Type, along with tailored recommendations based on the unique combination of your Team Type and Strategy Type. By seeing your team through the lens of your objectives, you gain an understanding of where your team is likely to thrive or struggle, and where team members will need to stretch their natural behaviours.


Now you know yourself , you know your team members and your team as a whole, and you know what your goals are. But how do you increase the chances of your team succeeding? While awareness is very important to any team, taking action is what really matters. With all the information and recommendations now available to you, you can identify strategies to improve your chances for success. 

Note that the presence of gaps does not mean that the team is not right for the job to be done – all teams have strenghts and blind spots and very few teams are perfectly aligned to the work to be done. Your team must continually adapt and align, but with awareness and direction and coaching support from your leader, you can take the necessary steps to ensure your team reaches its goals. 

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