Organisations are losing a lot of money in productivity every year due to engagement issues because  their disengaged employees are not bringing their best game to work. Think about what your company could achieve if all employees pulled in the same direction at full force! 

Unlock the potential of your workforce with the PI DIAGNOSE solution – a powerful framework for solving engagement problems and maintaining employee engagement. From software to workshops to expert consulting, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to shift your company into high gear.

The Four Forces of Disengagement

Measure What Matters

Analyse the Evidence

Prescribe the Remedies

Take Action on Engagement


The business case for improving your employees’ engagement is clear: Studies show that organisations with highly engaged employees experienced a 2.3x greater revenue growth rate than average over a 3-year period. Highly engaged teams are 21% more productive than teams with low engagement. And highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave your organisation. 

But what impacts employee engagement? What makes employees leave a company and what makes them stay? How do you ensure that your employees do more than the bare minimum? 

Research has identified the four areas that have the highest impact on employee engagement – we call them the four forces of disengagement:


If someone is not a good fit to their job, that can pull them down every day, struggling to meet the requirements of the job.


If the team dynamics is off or if the team does not understand the work they are being asked to do, the team members will not thrive.


If someone’s manager does not know how to meet their needs, that can be very disengaging. People join companies but leave managers.


If the organisation is not listening to the employees and never tries to address issues that arise, employees do not feel valued.

Your company might be fighting against one of these forces – or all four. In any case, you have employees who do the bare minimum to avoid getting fired. Actively engaged employees go above and beyond because they are emotionally committed to your company’s success. 


To address the four forces of disengagement, we recommend using a data-based aproach. To get the greatest insights and impact on engagement, you need to measure what matters – namely the four forces of disengagement; job, manager, people, and organisation.

The PI Employee Experience Survey™ (PI XP) measures employee engagement across these four categories and delivers a custom action plan so you can fix what is broken or keep doing more of what is working well. PI XP is a scientifically validated tool that measures engagement and allows managers to easily gauge employees and gather candid, confidential feedback on their work experience. The survey algorithm pinpoints the strengths and improvement areas that will have the most impact on engagement at your company, analyses and prioritises results, and prescribes detailed action plans to address problem areas so you can take action immediately.

This anonymous 50 question survey is administered in PI Software which guides you each step of the way, from uploading your organisational chart to e-mailing your employees to reviewing the results. 


Once your PI Employee Experience Survey survey closes, you will receive engagement trends at every level of your organisation, whether that is a team, a department, or your entire company. You will receive engagement trends at every level of your organisation: Every manager with five or more employees gets their own team report.

This isolates problems that are not widespread but should be fixed. This insight will allow you to customise your actions based on group strengths and needs – and improve engagement at micro and macro levels. Team-level reporting also isolates high-performing teams. When you understand what’s working well you can use that insight to develop your other managers.

The reports provide manager with engagement scores and external benchmarks across each of the 50 questions, as well as overall engagement scores  in the four categories; job, manager, team, and organisation. The reports also highlight the three main strength – the items with the highest scores – and the five most prominent blind spots – the items with the lowest scores. 


You finished the survey. What now?

Most engagement surveys provide insight, but lack action. The PI Employee Experience Survey bridges data with results by delivering custom action plans, so you can fix what is broken. 

While most engagement surveys just show you  the data, the PI XP reveals the problem, the solution, and how to get there. Think of it as your personal escalator from problem to solution – it eliminates the guesswork and gets you exactly where you need to go. In addition to recommended next steps, you will get recommendations for PI INSPIRE reports and tools that you can pull from PI Software to support your action plan. 


A successful engagement project relies on clear communication and acting on your results. Help your managers find the confidence they need to discuss the results of the PI Employee Experience Survey with their teams and take action.

The Take Action on Engagement workshop ensures that positive change happens across all levels by preparing managers to communicate effectively and build and execute data-driven actions plans.

This half-day workshop empowers managers to share results with their teams and establish a path to high-impact organisational change. The workshop prepares managers to communicate effectively and build and execute data-driven actions plans.

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