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At Humanostics, we are all about identifying talent and engaging the workforce.


Humanostics® is a management consulting company assisting organisations in successfully implementing their business strategies by providing tools and guidance around accurately measuring their human capital and ensuring that they have the right people in the right positions.

We help our clients create measurable results by focusing on their key resource: the people.

In close collaboration with our clients, we optimise processes around HIRE and INSPIRE by focusing on evaluating and measuring the potential and the competencies of the candidates, employees, managers, and the sales force – the collective human capital.

Our unique expertise takes offset in distribution rights to market leading assessment tools, enhanced by education and coaching experience, and we are currently the sole supplier in Denmark, Norway, Poland, Iceland and the Benelux of the following tools:

PI JOB ASSESSMENT™ (PI JA) – job targeting tool

PI COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT™ (PI CA) – cognitive assessment (formerly known as PLI)

PI BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENT™ (PI BA) – personality assessment

PI STRATEGY ASSESSMENT™ (PI SA) – aligning strategic priorities

PI EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE SURVEY™ (PI XP) – employee engagement survey

SELLING SKILLS ASSESSMENT TOOL™ (SSAT) – sales competency evaluation

INFLUENCE SKILLS ASSESSMENT TOOL™ (ISAT) – influencing skills competency evaluation

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PI Job Assessment™
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PI Cognitive Assessment™
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PI Behavioral Assessment™
PI Strategy Assessment
PI Strategy Assessment™
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PI Employee Experience Survey™
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Selling Skills Assessment Tool™
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Influencing Skills Assessment Tool™


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